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Our Client & Artiste Guarantee

It has always been most important to us that we deliver – so we offer a customer satisfaction guarantee to all our clients that they will receive a top quality professional service right from the first enquiry to delivery, be it a concert performance, a studio experience or a presentation of a finished composition.

We equally guarantee all our artistes, professionals and service providers that they will receive all relevant information regarding a booking correctly and in advance, be paid promptly at the agreed rate and be looked after throughout all stages of the agency processes. Happy musicians make great performers, and we know from experience that anything less than excellent and fair treatment of independent or self-employed professionals can mean make or break for them. We pride ourselves in our belief that “it is possible to put everyone first”.

Specialist Musical Services

Looking for something unique?

Top Quality Bespoke musical services from professionals to assist you in every step of the way for your project.

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Bells & Whistles UPDATES
  • Artistes needed for Bells &amp; Whistles
    Source: Collective Published on2017-01-19
  • Vintage Buses now available for your event!
    Source: Collective Published on2017-01-18
  • Owl Ring Bearer required for our Wedding Agency
    Source: Collective Published on2016-01-25
  • Re-Launch of our Bells &amp; Whistles Studio Experiences website!
    Source: Collective Published on2015-09-24