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Bells and Whistles MUSIC offer a quality professional composing service for jingles of any length or complexity.

Our composers will create custom bespoke music composed exactly to your specification. Style, arrangement, mood, energy and all other aspects of the music can be customised to suit your exact timings.

We also have a huge variety of music already available from a wide range of composers, performers and producers in all genres or styles.

The chosen music can be seamlessly sync’d to your advert, jingle or publicity along with any carefully chosen sound effects and themes.

Our composers have worked with many organisations and individuals over the years to produce top quality jingles for their projects. Thanks to our pool of highly skilled music professionals, our service is fast, efficient, detailed and affordable.

Client satisfaction is our primary aim, so we will always continue working with you, the client, until you are happy with the results.

Contact us using the form below or by telephone with an outline of your project to see how we can assist you.

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